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      If you're looking for a surveyor in Oklahoma or just want to try someone new, you should consider giving Bennett Surveying a try.  Their service is exceptional.  After all, prices will be competitive, it's the service and attention to deadlines that sets a firm apart. 

      Mark Johnson, PE
      Senior Engineer
      San Antonio, TX

      Bennett Surveying has set a standard in the Tulsa communities that exceeds other Surveying Companies. Attention to detail, exceptional turn times on service & communication with all parties involved has made working with Bennett Surveying a pleasure.
      Keith Benson
      Mortgage Consultant
      Banksource Mortgage
      Dallas, TX


      If you want a surveyor that does quick and accurate mortgage inspections just call Bennett Surveying.  They are excellent to work with and give you accurate, competitive pricing and very professional looking surveys as well as willing to work with you when time is of essence.   

       Belinda Pfeiffer
      Mayes County Abstract Company 

      I highly recommend Bennett Surveying.  Their work and accuracy is first rate.  Also, theyíve always finished each project on time, and are very responsive to their clientís needs. Because thatís how they roll. 
      Mark McGuire, P.E.
      McGuire Brothers Engineering


      Attention to detail describes Bennett Surveying.  We have used Bennett since they started business and havenít been let down on any aspect of a project.  The employees and owners pay special attention to performing a job well done.  I would recommend, without hesitation, Bennett Surveying for any work related to the surveying business.

       Tim L. Harrison
      Downtown Design Services, Inc.


      I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you what a great job you and your group have been doing for us over the past year.  Your response time has been outstanding, allowing me to make a very good impression with our 
      clients and show just how responsive "our" surveyor is.  Your costs have always proven to be very competitive.  And every time I call to ask for a little more of this or a clarification about that, it's always welcomed with an enthusiasm to serve.  Keep up the great job.  I look forward to a long future working together. 
      M. Gene Phillips, P.E. 
      Principal, Civil Engineering Services 
      Wallace Engineering 
      Structural & Civil Consultants 
      201 W. 5th St. Suite 200 
      Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133


      To anyone that needs some old fashion service this is your company!  Bennett Surveying is one of the few companies out there that will exceed your expectations.  Due to their exceptional quality, speed and ability to consistently come through in a crunch I would highly recommend giving them a try.

       William Heck

      Regional Vice President
      Palm Harbor Homes
      Southwest Division



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      Last modified: 4/24/2013